IHRC hosts Art exhibition by Siddiqa Juma

Siddiqa Juma

A wonderful and intimate launch for emerging artist Siddiqa Juma. The artist’s paintings are contemporary interpretations, fusing various traditions and cultures, of the classical Islamic Calligraphies and architecture that have motivated, inspired and influenced her in her journey through life as a wife, mother and woman in our modern times. Her work has already gained much recognition, one of  Siddiqa’s  favorite painting hangs in the Great Ormond Street Hospital bringing comfort.

‘Siddiqa Juma’s painting in the Multi-Faith Room at Great Ormond Street Hospital has a capacity to reflect the mystery of the spiritual and draws the viewer in to a relationship with the image. By using the name of Allah in one of the specific colours, the integrity and depth of the faith are reflected in a way that interacts rather than imposes’. – Reverend James Linthicum, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The moment I stepped into the gallery I was instantly overwhelmed by the grand and majestic canvases displayed.  The intricacy and detail, use of loud vibrant colors in each painting is striking, capturing the unity and irresistible draw of pilgrimage.

“What I have put into my work should be no more than an indication of what you take away from it, and I hope everyone finds some opportunity for personal contemplation in what they see” expressed Siddiqa.

Each of Siddiqa’s piece of art is a visual feast taking the viewer on a journey of meditation of the spirit.  Her work presents creative expression of a beautiful faith.

This exhibition also caught my attention because I was  intrigued and impressed as to why Islamic Human Rights Commission were supporting and exhibiting art, speaking to Arzu Merali, Head of Research commented

“Part of our philosophy has been breaking down division between culture, law and politic’s, we are out there working for justice. It was an idea, we want to promote our literature, commonality, spirituality and journey; things that are moral.  I think some cultural aspects of our existence are not emphasised enough, there are many reason for that, but where you can seek solace and gain inspiration, it’s all part of healing and important to focus on”

The exhibition is now displayed at the Islamic Human Rights Commission from the 10th to the 23rd of November 2011. {gallery}events/siddiqa_juma_exibition{/gallery}

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