Welcome Home Talha rally


2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF

A rally to celebrate the homecoming of Talha Ahsan and the resilience of his family-led campaign and the ongoing struggle against unjust extradition laws.

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“Wasn’t great to say goodbye?” boasted Theresa May in the cruel extradition of Talha Ahsan. Talha is a British-born citizen, who suffers from Aspergers syndrome like Gary Mckinnon, was extradited to indefinite solitary confinement in US Supermax prison housing death row inmate after over 6 years of detention without trial, charge or prima facie evidence in the UK. 

Now it is time to say #WelcomeHomeTalha 

Let all gather together to say “SHAME ON YOU, Theresa May”

Talha was declared a free man by a US judge on 16th July and was transferred to US immigration custody where he awaits – celebrating a month of freedom 

US-UK EXTRADITION is ruining the lives of too many British citizens and guest – and must be reform urgently.

Poetry, comedy, music, nasheeds, a visual fest. Please bring placards, baloons, flowers, presents.

Event will be filmed for a future documentary currently commissioned as the sequel to Extradition film by Turab Shah www.extraditionfilm.com

– Bruce Kent
– Artist Taxidriver Mark McGowan
– Marium Begg (daughter of Moazzam Begg)
– Sheila Coleman (Hillsborough Justice Campaign) 
– AL Kennedy 
– Father & mother of Talha Ahsan 
& many more TBC

New prison poetry from Talha Ahsan
Nasheeds from AKA UK Apache (Babar Ahmad & Shaker Aamer e-petition anthem)  

Event covened by  Talha’s brother Hamja Ahsan 

2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
Sunday 17th AUGUST 2014

Caroline Lucas MP says #WelcomeHomeTalha “I am so pleased for Talha, his friends and his family that they are, at long last, to be reunited. This case has highlighted the extent to which a British citizen’s fundamental rights can be breached if the US so decides. It highlights the grave flaws in UK law, such as on extradition and on detention without trial. And it highlights the amazing resilience of the human spirit, the determination to fight for justice and freedom. Talha has gone through a horrendous ordeal, including conditions in a US jail that equate to torture. I wish him the very best as he decides how best to rebuild his life, surrounded by those who love him dearly.” 

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