Is Islamophobia a form of Racism? From the history of Al-Andalus to Fanon’s Zone of Being and Non-Being


Ramon Grosfoguel, Professor of Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Berkeley, has kindly agreed to come to Cambridge to speak on the history of colonialism, decolonial thought and how the current problem of Islamophobia today fits in to this framework.

This event is in collaboration with the IHRC (Islamic Human Rights Commission and FLY, (Cambridge University’s Women of Colour Network)

Here is the link to Ramon’s talk on ‘Decolonizing the University’ at Decolonial Days, Berlin

For anyone interested in decolonial thought and what it means to decolonise the curriculum, do come along!

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WHEN: Monday, 18 January at 6pm

WHERE: Armitage Room, Queen’s College, Cambridge