FUNDathon with IHRC


Join us for a FUNDathon with our guests on Ahlebait TV Sky 826 on Saturday 10 June, 7pm onwards.

Guests include:

  • Sheikh Bahmanpour
  • Shaykh Hasanali Nawab
  • Mohsin Abbas
  • Nargess Moballeghi
  • Roshan Salih
  • Seyfeddin Kara
  • Moulana Taqi Rizvi

Halmin nasiro yansurna

Tune in so you can support IHRC!

IHRC Trust are fundraising for:
– Campaign against Islamophobia and hate crimes in the UK
– Research and publications against discrimination
– Financial and legal aid for Shaykh Zakzaky and followers
– Awareness raising on human rights abuses of Muslims in Nigeria