Tonight – Author Evening with Nazmina Dhanji: 50 Qur’anic Comforts for Mums

Watch on-line Join us on 31 October for a heart-opening author evening with Nazmina Dhanji to discuss her beautiful book on Islamic parenting 50 Qur’anic Comforts for Mums.

WHEN: Thursday 31 October, 2019

TIME: 6.30pm

WHERE: IHRC Bookshop, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, London HA9 8PA

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50 Qur’anic Comfort for Mums is available to purchase from the IHRC Bookshop – online and in-store.

Refreshments available
Wudu and prayer facilities available

This event will be streamed live on IHRC.TV and Facebook. By attending this event, you are agreeing to being filmed as part of the audience.

IHRC Bookshop is a minute’s walk from Preston Road Underground station (Metropolitan line). Free parking on nearby residential roads is also available.

About the book:

This book draws on the comforting words of the Creator in the Qur’an and offers a way to focus your heart and mind to what the day brings. 50 Qur’anic Comforts is tailored precisely for busy parents who often have no time to read the paper or their Twitter feeds, let alone a whole book! It is for you to keep by your bedside to dip into for daily inspiration and support, offering a different perspective or just some food for thought when you need it most. So whether you are juggling a career, kids’ schedules or an endless pile of housework, you can carve out a few quiet moments to rejuvenate your spirit. 

About the author:

Nazmina Dhanji currently lectures in Arabic language and grammar, Qur’anic Sciences and Hadith Studies at Al-Mahdi Institute in Birmingham. She is a published translator of numerous works and subtitled documentaries and films from Arabic into English. Being a passionate linguist and keen to share her enthusiasm for teaching and learning languages, Nazmina has developed curricula in Qur’anic Arabic and teaches classes across North West London as well as online. Her current areas of interest are Arabic language and grammar, Islamic ethics and spirituality, Qur’anic sciences, tafsir, Hadith Studies and interfaith relations.

She has recently authored a new publication in the field of Islamic Parenting: 50 Quranic Comforts for Mums.

In her quest to draw from the guidance, wisdom and insights contained in the Qur’an, she attempts to relate these to everyday life, and shares how these lessons have impacted her journey as a parent to her three children, giving her much comfort along the way.