WATCH: Author Evening with Haim-Bresheeth-Zabner

The author evening with Professor Haim Bresheeth-Zabner for his latest book An Army Like No Other: How the Israeli Defense Forces Made a Nation. Hosted by Nargess Moballeghi, Professor Haim discusses what makes Israeli’s army unlike any other army. Comparing the IDF to the British Army, the French and American armies, which are parts of state machinery and is a public service is people choose to take it up professionally. The Israeli army is very different – every Israeli male and most Israeli females are drafted – it is an army of the people. Professor Haim elaborated on the impact of the army leading the formation of a state and the growth of Israel through religion and culture.

Professor Haim also briefly shares his personal familial history and how the behaviour of the army persuaded him to not want to join the colonisation of Palestine. Furthermore, he also discussed Israel’s military budget, the left-wing party in Israeli Parliament, far-right influences in other countries such as the USA and India, proto-fascism and much more.