Stop The War Demonstration

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Tony Blair took us to war on Iraq to find weapons of mass
destruction. There were none. 655,000 Iraqis have died in that illegal
war and occupation.

Now our government wants to spend up to £76 billion on new
nuclear weapons to replace Trident. Trident has nearly 200 nuclear
warheads – each eight times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. That
is a potential killing capacity of 320 million. This is criminal hypocrisy.

The majority of the British people has rejected the government’s
warmongering policies towards Iraq. The majority also rejects nuclear
weapons and a ‘defence’ policy based on the indiscriminate killing of

As Bush moves to commemorate 3,000 US troops dead in Iraq by
sending thousands more, CND, the Stop the War Coalition and the
British Muslim Initiative are calling this national demonstration on
24th February to say no to these insane policies of death and


Assemble 12 noon
Speakers’ Corner
Rally in Trafalgar
Square, London

Organised by the Campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop
the War Coalition and the British
Muslim Initiative.

British Muslim Initiative
37 Millenium House • 3 Humber Road • London NW2 6DW •
020 8830 9440 • •

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
162 Holloway Road • London N7 8DQ • 020 7700 2393 •

Stop the War Coalition
27 Britannia Street • London WC1X 9JP • 020 7278 6694 •