Defend the Honor of Rasullallah (saw)

A Danish newspaper has published offensive cartoon images depicting Allah’s Beloved Messenger as a terrorist. Other publications in France and Italy have reprinted these, all claiming the argument of free speech.

Muslims do nor fear debate. We are ready to hear and respond to criticism. But we will not remain silent over a blatant insult to our Prophet.

Muslims have been killed in the War on Terror imprisoned in the War on Terror, and the name of our deen slandered in the War on Terror. Qurans have been desecrated in the War on Terror, and now our Prophet’s Noble image has been tarnished by this War on Terror.

Thos War on Terror and now our Prophets Noble image has been tarnished by this War on Terror.

This War on Terror was said to bring freedom of speech and expression to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. If this means it will bring insults, slander, lies and disrespect to Muslim lands, to create a society where rudeness is celebrated, manners are lacking and lies are cheap, then it is not cause that will ever win over Muslims or other decent people.

The Noble Prophet once said:

“None of you truly believes until I become more beloved to him than his family wealth and all the people.”

Do not Remain Silent! Use Your Voice to Prove Your Love!
Join the Demonstration outside the Danish Embassy

11 am Saturday 4th February 2006

55 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR (Nearest tube station Knightsbridge)

Organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir and supported by IHRC, MAB