Inrernational Human Rights Day.

Sat December 10th 1pm-2pm, at St James\’s Church,Piccadilly W.1
Inrernational Human Rights Day.

Azmat Begg: Guantanamo Human Rights Commission
Suzanne Bertish
Kika Markham
Edna O\’Brien
Corin Redgrave
Vanessa Redgrave
Massoud Shadjareh Islamic Human Rights Commission

with the Inklein Quartet \”Peace\” composed by Steve Bentley-Klein
and Katharina Wolpe. Schubert Impromptus for the piano

\” The prohibition on torture or inhuman and degrading treatment is fundamental to democracy.
The right to be charged and tried in an open court of law is embedded in the US Constitution,
the conventions and covenants of the United Nations, and the European Human Rights Convention.
We gather for the British families living in the UK, whose husbands,fathers, sons, and brothers are imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, some for nearly 4 years, without charge or trial, under brutal and inhuman conditions of torture and interrogation.\”Vanessa Redgrave.