“The Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) Cordially Invites you to a public seminar under the title:

“The Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
And the Need for International Protection”


Mr. Neil Gerrard (MP, Lab)
Mr. Tom Brake (MP, Lib. Dem)
Mr. Sabah Mukhtar (President Arab Lawyers Association, UK)
Mr. Siraj Sait (Lawyer & Lecturer in International Law)

Date:15th September 2004,

Time:5:00 – 7:00pm

Venue: Jubilee Room, House of Commons, Westminster (nearest underground (Westminster)


The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is a Palestinian establishment that is primarily concerned with the problem of the dispersed Palestinians and their struggle to return to their homes. It is, in nature, an academic and media institution that aspires to serve as an information repository and forum of political activity on the Palestinian question and the issue of the return in particular.
1. To promote the issue of the right of return both as a humanitarian and political concern.
2. To preserve the Palestinian identity and resist attempts to resettle the dispersed Palestinians.
3. To increase and widen the awareness of the plight of the Palestinians in their places of refuge.
4. To inform the general public in Europe and Britain in particular about the true dimensions of the Palestinian issue.
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