Conference to review ‘war on terrorism’

Members of Pax Christi and Christian CND will be attending a conference starting at 2pm this Saturday, 15 December, at the Greenwood Theatre, Guy\’s Hospital, London Bridge, to review the current war.

There have been two major national demonstrations, and a number of vigils against the bombing of Afghanistan since September 11. Peace campaigners have spoken on many parliamentary and public platforms in an effort to present an alternative viewpoint to those who say there was no option to the military campaign against Osama bin Laden, al-Qa\’ida and the Taliban.

\”We decided that the time is right, three months into the \’war on terrorism\’ to review just what has been done in the name of defending \’civilisation against barbarism\’, its effects and what we might expect from the \’new world order\’ led by the United States,\” said CND Chair Carol Naughton.

She explained, contributors to the debate have been brought together for their expertise and experience, not because they share CND\’s analysis of international relations post 11th September.

Speakers include: Shagufta Yaqub – Editor, Q-News, Jawed Ludin, Afghan Development Worker; Massoud Shadjareh – Islamic Human Rights Commission; Bruce Kent, Vice-President CND; Dan Plesch, Royal United Services Institute; Andrew Gilligan, BBC Radio 4 Today and CND chair Carol Naughton.