Concepts of Human Rights: Islamic and Western Perspectives

Concepts of Human Rights: Islamic and Western Perspectives
Europe and Islam

Friday 12 September 2003 9am – 6pm
Goethe-Institut London
Tickets £5 (£3 concessions)
For information and booking ring 020 7596 4041

In association with Islamic College for Advanced Studies and Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Different concepts of human rights and their scope have long been debated among thinkers of different cultures. Are such concepts universal? If the answer is yes, then how could they be applied to different cultures? And if it is no, then are there universal values upon which a global system of human rights could be constructed?

Some of the topics for debate at this one-day conference will be \”Universality of Human Rights\”, \”Islam and Human Rights\” and \”Sacrificing Human Rights for Security\”.

The conference will serve as a forum for Muslim scholars and Western thinkers to exchange views on these issues. The conference does not attempt to promote a particular set of human rights over another, but is aimed at providing an opportunity for presenting and debating different concepts of human rights.