Protest JNF at Hendon Hall Hotel: Ashley Lane, London NW4 1HF from 10am, Sun 13 Dec

Venue Update:

Hendon Hall Hotel. Ashley Lane, London NW4 1HF
Protest from 10am outside the hotel, Sun 13 Dec

See below details on the JNF ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Tzipi Livni’s responsibility for the Israeli onslought on Gaza.

The nearest tube is Hendon Central where people will be meeting at 9.30am.
It is a 15-20min walk to the venue, or take the 143  bus from Hendon Central
towards Archway or 326 towards Spires Shopping Centre, alight at the
Quadrant and then walk. Bus 240 from Golders Green stops next to the venue.
Protest might continue during the day conference, which is until 4pm.
Please get your network informed with the details of this update; see facebook.

Yael Kahn

Chair of Islington Friends of Yibna [IFY]
07880 731 865

ACTION ALERT Jewish and Other Organisations Protest the JNF

Protest: The Jewish National Fund conference is to be held in north London on Sunday 13 December, 10.30am-4pm.

Write to your local and national press: tell them about the JNF

conference, that it should not take place, demand that the JNF’s charitable

status be rescinded and that war criminal Tzipi Livni be arrested.

Protest called by:
Action Palestine, British Committee for Universities for Palestine (BRICUP), International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network IJAN), Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD UK), International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (JBIG), Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign(SPSC).
Tzipi Livni, current leader of Israel’s Kadima party will be a star of the JNF 13 December conference, Creating A New Future For Israel in the Negev. Livni was constantly on our screens during last year’s bombing of Gaza, a chief apologist of the slaughter.  Shamelessly, she had said: “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”[1]

The JNF conference is part and parcel of the ethnic cleansing process of the Negev Bedouin people.  Discriminatory laws and practices have forced tens of thousands of Bedouin to live under constant threat of seeing their homes demolished and their communities torn apart. [2] Hundreds of Bedouin and Israeli Jews have protested the state’s refusal to recognise Bedouin villages, depriving them of water, and the JNF’s theft of their land.[3]

The JNF calls itself “Israel’s leading humanitarian and environmental Charity”.   Prime Minister Gordon Brown and leader of the opposition, David Cameron, both sponsor the JNF. It is not coincidental that they refuse to condemn either JNF’s role in ethnic cleansing or Israeli war crimes in Gaza and in general.
The JNF has charitable status in over 50 countries, including in Britain. But it is not a non-government organisation and its aims are far from charitable.  It is a para-statal organisation that with the Israeli Lands Administration, a government body, controls 93% of the land in Israel.  The JNF plays a central role in the ongoing colonization of Palestine, Israeli apartheid and violent occupation – crimes against humanity.[4]

Our immediate aim is to expose and discredit the JNF, and end its charitable status.


1. Ha’aretz, 5 January 2009,
2. Human Rights Watch
3. Gush Shalom
4. For more background, see, Tony Greenstein, Comment is Free, Guardian, 25
March 2008
,and the Call for an International Campaign against the JNF