2nd October 2010

Ladbroke Grove / Portobello

Inn on the Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5XL
London, United Kingdom


This is the first event in a series of events which commemorates 10 years since the eruption of the defining struggle of our generation – the Al-Aqsa / Second Intifada against the zionist-apartheid state. It is also a salute to that struggle.

This event will explore the development of solidarity and internationalism with Palestine during the Intifada; what forms of struggle were more effective than others, and how we can continue to build a radical and effective internationalism for Palestine.



* There will be large prints from paintings from artists from Gaza
* There will also be an exclusive photo gallery by journalist and war correspondent Mustafa Khalili who covered the Intifada

1745: Doors open

1800: Welcoming address by Moktar Alatas followed by filmmaker Gabrielle Tierney presents her film on the Raytheon 9:

1900: PANEL DEBATE with:

– Lizzie Cocker – Gaza Demonstrators Defence Campaign

– Arzu Merali – Islamic Human Rights Commission

– Chris Osmond – Smash EDO

– Jody McIntyre – grassroots peace activist and internationalist

– Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy – Palestine Solidarity Campaign

chair – Sukant Chandan

2130: CULTURAL PROGRAM compered by Lara Ahmad

Louisa Maynard and Soufian Saihi
(poetry recital and live Oud)

Where’s Huey? dedication to Rachel Corrie

EmpresS *1 (Egypt/Lebanon/UK)
( a.k.a. Princess Emmanuelle)

DJ Steaz

Nekz (Brotherhood Movement)

STORMTRAP (Ramallah Underground) and Kolonel Bleep





**NOTE: The organisers reserve the right to eject anyone causing distress or disruption to the event. There will be friendly but firm security at the event.

** No persons or organisations are allowed to distribute material at this event without prior permission from the event organisers.

* Please note that the whole event is being filmed and will be put on youtube

The ’10 years since the eruption of the Intifada’ is an initiative of Sons of Malcolm, although people are more than welcome to get involved by getting in touch with event organiser: