A lone Dover protestor against a rightwing march in 2016. Photo (c) by Alisdare Hickson https://www.flickr.com/photos/alisdare/27336011305/in/photostream/

IHRC’s latest submission to the Committee on Civil and Political Rights looks at the UK over the last few years.

[Uploaded 14 January 2020] Download the report here. The last four years have seen a marked deterioration in racial/religious equality in Britain. A lurch to the right has been accompanied by the mainstreaming of discriminatory policy and racist discourse, particularly against Muslims. It has created an Environment of Hate in which prejudice and discrimination not only thrive but have become institutionalised and normalised. This submission falls into two parts, both based on recent IHRC research in this area. The first charts the extent of discrimination, explaining it as the product of a social and political environment created by actors. The second looks at the increase in denial of public space to Muslim Civil Society Organisations as a manifestation and a cause of discrimination against the community.

Read IHRC’s submission, and those of other NGOs on the UK on the OHCHR website here.