Malaysia: Oral statement on the outcome of Malaysia under the UPR

Islamic Human Rights Commission

12 June 2009.

Human Rights Council.
11th Session. 12 June 2009.
Agenda item 6.

Mr. President
Islamic Human Rights Commission refers to the working group report paragraph 46 and recommendation 26 in relation to arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention without right to fair trial and freedom of expression in Malaysia.

IHRC’s research shows that the government of Malaysia routinely uses Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) and Emergency Public Order Preventive Ordinance 1969 (EO) against individuals who are suspected of being an actual or potential threat to the country’s National Security or public order.

The ISA not only allows the police to arrest without warrant any individuals they believe ‘have acted’ or are ‘about to’ or ‘likely to’ to act to threaten the Country’s Security for up to 60 days for investigation.

Based on this investigation report the ISA can issue a detention order without being charged with any sort of crime or tried in any court of law for up to two years, renewable indefinitely.

Mr. Satray (Mat Sah) is amongst many of the detainees, detained under ISA since April 2002.

According to reports earlier this year, Mat Sah has no hope of his freedom, even though his renewed detention ended in June 2008, as he was reportedly informed that chances of his release are unlikely.

We strongly recommend  the government of Malaysia, to immediately abolish ISA,   and release all individuals held under ISA. We also recommend that all arrested persons should be immediately informed about the charges and should be tried according to the international principle of fair trial.

Thank you Mr. President

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