Myanmar: Oral statement on the brutal discrimination against Rohingya

Myanmar Flag

08 June 2011

Human Rights Council.
17th Session.
Agenda item. UPR Country – Myanmar

Individual Oral Statement- Islamic Human Rights Commission

Mr. President,                               

The Islamic Human Rights Commission would like to bring your attention to the brutal discrimination the Rohingya living in Myanmar are experiencing. The Rohingya are a distinct Muslim ethnic population who are being refused to be recognised as one of the countries main ethnic nationalities and have suffered severe human rights violations by the government of Myanmar since 1948.

The Rohingya have been invariably subjected to criminal atrocities, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment, relentless taxation, humiliating restriction on their freedom of movement and residence within the state, prohibition of their right to marry and to found a family, restriction of their right to education, right to work and to get access to food and other essentials including medical care. These violations of the Rohingyas rights have caused many to move to different countries where they are further mistreated and vulnerable.

Under the Burma 1982 Citizenship Law, it is stated being a member of a particular “ethnic group” allows the individual to be granted full Myanmar citizenship. However, although the Rohingya are an ethnic group and have permanent residence in Myanmar they are evidently being refused full citizenship, as the ethnic group is not recognized under by law. This law is grossly discriminatory and is in clear violation of Myanmar’s obligation as a state and a member of the United Nations to protect and respect human rights without distinction, of “race, language, religion, national or social origin and birth or other status.”

The Islamic Human Rights Commission urges the government of Myanmar to take instant action towards mending ties with the Rohingyas by providing them with the same rights given to other citizens of the country and adding Rohingya to the list of ethnic groups in Myanmars constitution. This will not only have a positive impact on society but it will be a step towards regaining the trust of the Rohingya in the government.

Thank you Mr President

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