Oral Intervention: Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia , follow-up and implementation of...

The IHRC found the Durban Review Conference dominated by unproductive, often acrimonious, wrangling that too often prevented substantive civil society engagement on issues that included state sponsored racism, occupation, discriminatory practices and their spurious justifications.

Bahrain: Open Letter to UN Special Rapporteur on situation of HR...

A week after the arrest of Dr Abduljalil Al-Singace, the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Haq Movement in Bahrain, and in view of the subsequent crackdown of protests against the arrest in the country, the Islamic Human Rights Commission has appealed to Mrs. Margaret Sekaggya, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, to take up the case. The full text of the open letter is given below.

IHRC Report on Bangladesh

IHRC report on the implementation of the international covenant on civil and political rights in Bangladesh

Afghanistan: Oral statement on the outcome of Afghanistan under the UPR


Approximately 630 Afghans and other foreign nationals including 9 juveniles are imprisoned without charge by the US government at the Bargram prison which clearly shows that US military airbase in Afghanistan is outside the protection of international human rights law.

France: State Report on the implementation of the international covenant on...

IHRC provides specific information on the institutionalised discrimination affecting Muslims in France

Myanmar: Oral statement on the brutal discrimination against Rohingya

The IHRC highlights the brutal discrimination against the Rohingya living in Myanmar.

IHRC condemns “Black Pete” celebrations and the rise of Islamophobia in...

The annual Sinterklaas Festival became a testing ground for the status of ethnic minorities and their attempts to influence what it means to be Dutch

Spain: Oral Statement on the banning of the use of the...

IHRC is concerned with the conduct of the Spanish government for permitting the banning of the Burka and face veil by its local councils.

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