PRESS RELEASE: IHRC calls for ban on Bahraini Prince visiting the Olympic games


IHRC calls upon the UK government to ban Sheikh Nasser from the country, and calls upon the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to revoke his invitation because of his human rights abuses.  The UK government must show its commitment to human rights.

During the disturbances in Bahrain, Sheikh Nasser rang up a live broadcast on state TV and commenting on demonstrators said, “Anyone who called for the fall of the regime, may a wall fall on his head. Whether he is an athlete, socialite or politician — whatever he is — he will be held accountable . . . Bahrain is an island and there is nowhere to escape”.

Sheikh Nasser the chair of the Bahrain Olympic Committee has directly been involved in the targeting, imprisonment and torture of sportsmen and officials that dared to speak out against the regime.  There are witness testimonies that implicate Sheikh Nasser as directly being involved in the torture.  

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said “There is nowhere to hide for those that are involved in human rights abuses.  We will continue to campaign to highlight their abuses and call for their arrest.”

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Notes to the Editor

1)   Testimonies from torture victims directly implicate Sheikh Nasser[ENDS]


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