Press release – Nigeria: IHRC calls on government to end persecution of Islamic Movement


IHRC has written to the Nigerian High Commissioner in London requesting that he urgently draw his government’s attention to the targeting of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement in what seems to be a concerted campaign of aggression against the group.

Since July last year there have been at least four incidents in which Nigerian armed forces or people linked with them have attacked members of the Islamic Movement killing and wounding dozens of innocent civilians.

The latest incident on 7 May saw an attack in the city of Zaria on the home of the movement’s leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky by a mob linked to state security.

The repeated nature of these attacks leads IHRC to believe that certain sections of the Nigerian army are totally out of control and committing murder and extra-judicial killings of unarmed civilians with apparent impunity.

“We are concerned by this continued and escalating state violence against civilians and fear that these attacks will be repeated again during the Al-Quds processions of 2015 which will take place in July,” says the letter.

Last July, a peaceful Al-Quds procession in Zaria was attacked by soldiers resulting in the deaths of at least twelve people. The following day armed forces attacked a community centre where victims were being treated leading to more deaths. IHRC’s report on those incidents can be read at

IHRC’s letter calls on the Nigerian ambassador to raise these concerns with the relevant authorities in Nigeria so that the army’s murderous violence can be curbed and those guilty can be brought to justice.

The full text of the letter can be viewed at

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