Press Release: Australian Riots Reminiscent of Era of Pogroms


Islamic Human Rights Commission


12 December 2005

Press Release: Australian Riots Reminiscent of Era of Pogroms

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the current anti-Muslim violence in Sydney, Australia.

IHRC considers the fact that mobs consisting of thousands went on the rampage against anyone who they regarded as of an Arabic or Mediterranean background as truly frightening. Police reported that carloads of people came from other parts of Sydney to commit acts of violence and that iron bars had been deliberately stored in parks and on the roofs of buildings by local residents.

IHRC has repeatedly warned that the dangers of institutional Islamophobia in numerous nation states around the world would lead to a return to the tragic era of pogroms. Yesterday, even the New South Wales Police Minister Carl Scully stated that the perpetrators “are best placed in Berlin 1930s, not in Cronulla 2005.”

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“This is a terrifying day for Muslims the world over who have witnessed that the societal and institutional racism which gave rise to the Pogroms and the Holocaust is still with us today, with only the target of hate now being the Muslims.”

IHRC notes that Australian journalists and politicians, including the prime minister, have been nominated by members of the public for the 2005 Islamophobia Awards, reflecting their perception of the underlying Islamophobia in Australian society, and mirrors the brave voices of former minister Ken Wriedt and Maria Vamvakinou, MP, who have also stated that anti-Muslim hatred in Australia is being incited at the highest levels and becoming part of Australian governmental policy.

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