Press Release: IHRC Shock over Police Killing on Underground


Islamic Human Rights Commission


22 July 2005

Press Release: IHRC Shock over Police Killing on Underground

IHRC is deeply concerned at today’s killing by the Metropolitan Police of a man at Stockwell underground station and view it as a direct consequence of British police officers being sent to Israel to receive training on how to prevent ‘suicide bombings’.

IHRC raised its concerns regarding this post 9-11 policy in numerous meetings with the Metropolitan Police. Israel is a brutal apartheid state which routinely carries our extra-judicial executions of innocent civilians. IHRC is worried that the Metropolitan Police desires to emulate the behaviour of a trigger-happy occupying army.

IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“When British police officers receive training from the forces of an apartheid state which uses assassination as official policy, killings such as today’s can only be expected as a natural consequence.”

IHRC is also afraid that today’s killing may only be the first in a series of police killings in the post 7-7 era. In the current climate of anti-Muslim hysteria, IHRC fears that innocent people may lose their lives due to the new ‘shoot to kill’ policy of the Metropolitan Police.[Ends]

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