PRESS RELEASE: BNP’s Election Broadcast Should Be Roundly Condemned

Islamic Human Rights Commission

28th May 2004

PRESS RELEASE: BNP’s Election Broadcast Should Be Roundly Condemned
IHRC is calling on all political parties to take anti-Islamophobia stance

IHRC is calling on British political leaders to take a clear stance against the Islamophobic and racist vitriol exhibited in tonight’s BNP election broadcast. IHRC is also calling on the police to investigate the broadcast as inflammatory and calling on broadcasting regulatory authorities to pursue the matter.

The broadcast called for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq on the basis that the biggest threat to Muslims came from British or British based ‘Muslim fundamentalists, who are exhorted (allegedly) by their faith to kill their non-Muslim neighbours.

IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh said today:

“Much lip-service has been paid to protecting the rights of Muslims in recent years, particularly after the violent backlash aimed at Muslims after 9/11. It’s time for some real and unequivocal action from the police and media authorities, as well as some forthright condemnation from political leaders. Not to do so will simply give a green light to those who wish to pursue a violent and exclusionary agenda against Muslims and others deemed undesirable parts of British Society by the BNP.

“In the past we have seen the current government take up the far-right’s baton, rather than condemning their fascist stance. It concerns us deeply that in the aftermath of this critical situation, our Home Secretary may see fit to say either nothing or something almost complimentary.”

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