PRESS RELEASE: Human Rights Group Condemns Madrid Bombings

Islamic Human Rights Commission

16th March 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Human Rights Group Condemns Madrid Bombings

IHRC Calls on Spanish Government to Promote Peace and Prevent Backlash

The Islamic Human Rights Commission unequivocally condemns the Madrid bombings, in which so many innocent lives were taken and destroyed last week.

IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said:

“We pray for all the innocent victims of terrorist violence, bet they victims of non-state groups or state sponsored or perpetrated terror. Madrid is yet another ugly chapter in the history of mankind.

“We hope that the Spanish people who overwhelmingly rejected their previous government’s participation in the attack on Iraq will stand firm in their resolve and not allow Spanish society to accelerate the Europe wide processes of demonisation and vilification that have characterised other European countries in the wake of 9/11.”

IHRC is alarmed at reports of anti-Muslim backlash incidents in Spain and calls on the new Spanish government to ensure it considers the safety of all within its borders as well as the due process of law are upheld without distinction.

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