PRESS RELEASE: UK – Mossad given free hand, civil liberties destroyed


Islamic Human Rights Commission

7th May 2003

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Mossad given freehand, civil liberties destroyed

IHRC is deeply alarmed at the recent announcement that the Israeli secret service, Mossad, is to expand its operations against the Muslim community in London and wider Britain. Mossad claims that it will tail British citizens, tap phones and other communications (illegal under UK law) and attempt to recruit agents within the British Muslim community. This announcement serves as a reminder to the serious threats posed to the security of Muslim and non-Muslim communities, human rights and civil liberties.

More disturbingly is the claim by Home Office Minister Mike O’Brien that the British government will actively assist Mossad in every way in its campaign to target Muslim, Arab and Palestinian communities.

IHRC condemns the government’s willingness to aid what is in effect ‘state-sponsored terrorism’. Mossad recently announced its intention to kill enemies of the Israeli regime abroad and is keen to target London on the account of its large Muslim population.

IHRC points out that Israel is the only country to have legalised torture. IHRC further points out that the Israeli regime, through Mossad, has a long and bloody history of assainations, kidnappings and ‘black operations’ in Europe, including Britain. According to the U.S. Department of State, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, himself an indicted war criminal, stated publicly that the Israeli government would publicly deny “targeted” killings .

IHRC feels that it is absolutely deplorable and morally reprehensible for the British government to work with and share intelligence with Mossad. The British government, by co-operating with Mossad, is in direct contravention of its moral, legal and constitutional duty to defend British citizens against foreign aggression.

IHRC raises fears as to the serious prospect of human rights and civil liberty violations resulting from British-Israeli intelligence co-operation against the Muslim community. All British citizens have the right not to be monitored and targeted by any foreign government on British soil. IHRC also fears the possibility of Mossad killings on the streets of London.

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