10,000 TO DIE TO SAVE CLINTON: IHRC condemns proposed airstrikes on Iraq


Islamic Human Rights Commission


For immediate release
16th December 1998

IHRC condemns proposed airstrikes on Iraq

Once more the threat of airstrikes against Iraq looms. The Islamic Human Rights Commission is saddened and disgusted that once more the American President, his compatriot politicians and most of their Western counterparts think nothing of bombing the civilians of a country, who are already brutally suppressed by the Western inspired Ba’ath Party, and have been reduced to a pre-industrial level of existence as a result of Western attacks and sanctions.

The Pentagon have estimated that airstrikes will kill another 10,000 Iraqi civilians. Over one and a half million Iraqis have died in the last 7 years as a result of UN sanctions. Nearly half of these deaths were of children. Sanctions have not forced Saddam Hussein to reveal his weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps the US should check its and the UKs records of arms supplies in the 1980’s to Iraq if they wish to estimate his chemical, biological and nuclear capability. Sanctions have not removed Saddam Hussein & the Ba’ath Party from power. Killing 10,000 more of Iraq’s citizens only saves him the job.

Western “realpolitik” created the Ba’ath Party and, by extension, Saddam Hussein, specifically to oppress the Muslims in Iraq. It fed the monster with massive quantities of arms when it wanted to punish Muslims in Iran. Now the West offers no solution but to kill thousands more oppressed Muslims in the name of freedom.

Why then is the most powerful man in the world, ready to take such action? The timing, as with the bombing of a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, and non-specific bombing in Afghanistan is impeccable. How many more innocent people have to be killed, because of Bill Clinton’s sordid private affairs?

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