Barak’s Yom Kippur Massacre


Islamic Human Rights Commission, UK
9th October 2000
For immediate release

Barak’s Yom Kippur Massacre

While a visibly shaken Ehud Barak threatens to call off the peace process, Israeli tanks and heavy artillery are deployed for the slaughter, with armed settlers going on the rampage. Many Palestinian villages and camps are being surrounded by the Israeli Army.

Armed Israeli settlers have taken to the streets and are attacking Palestinians throughout the West Bank, Gaza and 1948 areas burning shops, mosques and trees, beating and shooting Palestinians.

As another chapter in the tragic history of Palestine unfolds, the Islamic Human Rights Commission calls on Muslims and all those who want justice for the Palestinians, to join the UN Security Council in condemning Israeli aggression. “We all must first recognise right of the occupied to resist occupation. It is a sad fact of history that the occupier will always blame those they oppress to ‘justify’ their violence. The British Government must call for decades of illegal occupation to end,” said the Commission Chairman Massoud Shadjareh.

” Muslims are aware of the duplicitous role of past British Governments in facilitating the Zionist seizure of Palestine, and even now the succour given to the repressive regime through preferential trade arrangements. A distorted interpretation of the charity laws, allows Zionist organisations dedicated to the dispossession of Palestinians from their homes and land, to raise money here.” Mr Shadjareh contrasted this with the hounding of Islamic organisations that dare to raise money for Muslim and other victims of oppression in Palestine and elsewhere.

“Israel must understand it cannot rob and murder with impunity,” he concluded.

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