Alert: Demand international organisations take a stand on Palestine

Alert: Demand international organisations take a stand on Palestine



As the apartheid state of Israel continues to commit acts of genocide, international governmental organisations like the Association of South Eastern Nations (ASEAN), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the African Union have a duty to stand up for the rights of the Palestinians. Write to the international governmental organisation of your region demanding they make open their support for Palestinians in this crisis and for their right to self-determination.


The latest death toll in Gaza is horrific, which includes thousands of children being massacred. We are witnessing crimes against humanity and acts of genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The United Nations has stated that there is no safe place in Gaza, whilst the apartheid state has made it clear that it is attempting to inflict the maximum damage on Gaza.

These are crimes committed not only by the apartheid regime, but by the governments that have given them the green light to commit such a heinous crime against humanity. We need to demand our governments, international bodies and politicians support the rights of the Palestinians to freedom and self-determination.

Requested Action    

Write to the head of any or all of the following international governmental organisations and demand they address the issue of the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, and Palestinians’ rights to self-determination and statehood.  A model letter / email can be found below.    


African Union 

P.0. Box 3243, 

Roosvelt Street 


Addis Ababa 


Alternatively, you can send it to them online at: 



His Excellency Hissein Brahim Taha 

P.O.Box 178, Jeddah 21411, 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

If you are unable to send mail, you can also tweet them with a screenshot of your letter at @OIC_OCI 

You can also send them a copy via the internet on their website at: 


ASEAN <>; 

70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja 

Jakarta 12110 



Model Letter / Email    

Dear [INSERT NAME],    

Re: The indiscriminate massacre of Palestinians  

I, like many others, have been utterly appalled by the massacre taking place in Gaza, as well as the actions of my government to do nothing to stop it.   

You will be aware of the rising death toll, with approximately a third of casualties being children thus far. The IDF has declared that “The emphasis is on damage, not on precision” in a bombardment on an area smaller than London, where the United Nations says there is “No safe place to go”.   

If this was not enough, the bombing of the Al Ahli Hospital by the IDF on 17 October 2023, killing over 500 people, should be a red line. Unfortunately since, we have seen more hospitals bombed, as well as schools, mosques, churches and many thousands more lives. Israel is openly committing acts of genocide against the Palestinians, without impunity, and seemingly backed by Western governments.   

Your organisation is a key institution of the post-colonial world.  You cannot stay quiet or be diplomatic when ongoing colonial projects exist and are perpetrating crimes against humanity of this magnitude.  

I therefore call on your office and organisation to demand an immediate cessation to the Israeli offensive. Your organisation must be instrumental in calling for the end of the colonial settler state and restitution of justice for the Palestinian people.    

I sincerely hope that you will take the necessary action requested.  I look forward to your response by return.  

Yours sincerely,    



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