Alert: USA – Imam Jamil transferred to receive medical care

Alert: USA – Imam Jamil transferred to receive medical care




Action required

1. Summary

IHRC has received reports that Imam Jamil has been transferred to a federal medical centre for immediate medical care on 15 July 2014. He expresses deep appreciation to supporters who campaigned for his case. His family requests campaigners to write letters of support to him and continue campaigning for his release.

2. Background

Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) has been transferred to Butner FMC in North Carolina for immediate medical attention on 15 July 2014. He was previously held at maximum security prison, USP Florence ADMAX under strict solitary confinement. He was reported to be suffering from life-threatening medical conditions.

Now Alhamdulillah, since the transfer, within the last two weeks of July the Imam has received ‘an extensive examination from head to toe’. Further, he has had a bone marrow biopsy on 23 July 2014, the results of which are awaited.

The Imam expresses deep appreciation for all those who actively campaigned for his medical care. His family informs that the Imam has been in high spirits and has been able to fast throughout the month of Ramadan. They request campaigners to keep on sending letters of support to the imam.

As campaigners may be aware, Imam Jamil had been subjected to continuous 23-hour solitary confinement, simply by virtue of being housed at USP Florence ADMAX, which has also been dubbed the “Guantanamo Bay of the mainland” and “a clean version of hell”. In early 2009, Imam Jamil Al-Amin was placed in Special Housing Unit (SHU), a disciplinary and solitary confinement facility with no bed, no shower or control of lights, commonly referred to as “the hole”.

He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer requiring immediate medical care. According to his wife and attorney Karma Al-Amin, he also developed severe health issues including

1) severe dental problems resulting in inability to swallow

2) loss of weight – 29 pounds over three weeks

3) swollen ankles, legs and feet

Further, ‘he went through a two-week period where he could not get out of his bed except for two times a day’.

There is hope that he will receive the required medical care now that he has been transferred. IHRC will keep campaigners updated insha Allah.

For further information, please visit the Imam Jamil IHRC campaign page

3. Action required

a) Please write to the Imam and express your support at:

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, 99974-555
FMC Butner
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509



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