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25th December 2002


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Here are some of the things that our 75,000 weekly readers have said about
the site:


Salam Alaykum,

I read the 30 August 2002 web edition of Ummah News and came across a story
on the project Ibn Bax Foundation is undertaking
to counter slander on Islam by the West.

Defending the Ummah of Rasulullah is duty incumbent on every Muslim. This
is a time we all must stand up and
be counted.

Thank you for giving us news around the world, with the Islamic perspective

I would like to have direct contact (e-mail etc) with Ibn Baz Foundation in
respect of this project.

Ma Salam

AbdulMani Momodu

Dear Sir
Keep up the pressure on Americans who support Israel\’s ethnic cleansing of
Palestine. I see little difference between Milosevic, Saddam and Sharon.
All are guilty of annexing adjacent lands and/or expelling lawful
landholders. Use America\’s law courts. They are not totally politicized to
favor Israel as are the other institutions of our government. Every
expelled resident or bulldozed tenant should be a plaintiff with his own
RT Carpenter,
Panama City,

Assalamu alaikum.
I think you are doing a wonderful job. It is a shame you couldn\’t televise
what you report. Ramadan Mubarak.

4. Thank you for the insightful article, \\\”After Iraq, Bush will attack his
real target\\\”. I can not begin to express how wonderful it is to know that my
fellow Americans are so \\\”enlightened\\\” about the propaganda in our country.
It is truly amazing that our ancestors had more intelligence, not to mention
questioning spirit, over 200 years ago! Please know that there is a minority
of Americans who are aware of and oppose our government\’s tyrannical

In solidarity,

Dawn Aleta Borhan

Dear Sir:

I am writing to inform you of some information that I heard about your
website. I am taking a class on Terrorism at a University in Virginia, US. I
read your website frequently and I enjoy it. Yesterday, in my class, your
website was cited as an AlQaeda website and it was claimed that you
broadcast information for AlQaeda operatives and deliver information to
terrorist cells. I did not believe this to be true. Whether it is or is not
does not concern me because I still find credibility in the news you report
and I enjoy your site regardless of this allegation. But if its not, you
might want to defend yourselves to this Professor who teaches at 3 or 4
universities in the DC/VA area and can influence a lot of minds and cause
damage to your efforts. This man is a government employee so this
information is something that he may have derived from government sources.
So for your own safety, you might want to put out a statement on your site
as well as contact this Professor and urge him not to spread such
information. I can provide you with his name if you wish. Naturally, I would
like to remain anonymous.

Thank you.


I like your slant on the news. But many people in US are denying and
ridiculing your stories to be propaganda. Please keep up the good work by
presenting the truth.

Thomas De Lucca


It\’s the first time that i have come across and my first
impressions are very good, its something that the muslim ummah has been
crying out for for years, a truely independent news source that focuses on
islamic concerns and issues……….. that muslims can can be informed
regarding the state of the ummah without being subjected to media PREJUDICES
and media LIES…… that muslims can be informed about the true situations
in Afganistan, Bosnia, Palastine, Kashmir, Algeria,,so on…

Amerkhan Mohammed

Re: Palestinian resistance attacks continue in spite of iron Israeli grip

Excellent article. Simply excellent.

I often write small articles posted on Indymedia and positively use the
correct terms such as \\\”land thieves\\\” instead of \\\”settlers\\\”.

I think this should be done at all times.


Earl Lloyd


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