Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi: Part One

Explore this special month by watching a video

Islamophobia: when the Whites lose their Triple A rating

Response to the question "Is France Islamophobic?" asked by Newsring.

A Rotten Foundation

Futures are stolen and this is just the beginning

Ways of Seeing and Latter Day Muslim Blindness

On the passing of John Berger

Foreign rule could be just the ticket for Britain’s minorities

The possibility of a hung parliament in which Labour and the SNP can cobble together an alliance may fill Little Englanders with dread but for Muslims and other ethnic minorities it may be the best deal on the table

The politics of extremism

David Cameron's latest anti-terrorism strategy illustrates how government policy continues to be driven by an extreme right-wing ideology, argues Faisal Bodi.

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi: Part Twenty Five

Talking about relationships in the family unit

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