Things to do in Isolation #9 – Ramadan reminders

Ramadan Lantern, Egypt. Image by Ahmed Sabry

As the first week of Ramadan comes to an end, here are a few resources to keep the daily reminders going for all ages.

A Qur’anic word a day

Firstly we highly recommend you subscribe to Arabiq Online’s Qur’anic Word of the Day email list here.   Get a short email with a Qur’anic word a day in Ramadan via this list.

Watch Arabiq Online’s founder Nazmina Dhanji explain the concept here.

Buy Nazmina’s book ’50 Qur’anic Comforts for Mums’ here.

Free Quran workbooks for the young

Find free PDF workbooks for youngsters on the Q-Fatima site here.

Also find the Q-Fatima workbook on the Prophets here.

Ramadan Rhymes

For the even younger and young at heart buy Ramadan Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer here.

Listen to some of these here. [page continues after the video]

Teach others, remind yourself

Whether you are Muslim or not, Imam Muhammad Al-Asi’s daily TV show introducing Ramadan provides an introduction to the holy month.  Find this series and a second series dealing with the meanings, benefits and spirituality of Ramadan on his IHRC blog here.

For those of you who want to delve into the meaning of the Quran in more details, we try Imam al-Asi’s tafseer of Qur’an.  Buy them here.

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May Allah swt reward all your efforts, and bless us all in this most special month.  Ameen.

With prayers and peace,

The IHRC Bookshop & Gallery Team