You, Are Not Alone


✨You, Are Not Alone ✨

My baby,
don’t cry,
For you are…not alone.
I know it’s hard, and so easy for me,
But I promise.
It’ll help,
believing that, you,
are not alone. 
Time will pass..
and time will tell..
Things will get better, you’ll see..
Know that,
You, are not alone.
Hey! For you will never be,
because you KNOW that,
your life, and where it leads,
Is in the hands of the ALMIGHTY,
The Most Caring, The Most Loving,
The ONE holding on to your heart,
ensuring that you,
are not alone,
and You never will be…
Please…believe me…

With Love,
Your Mummy 💖

Kosser Abdul Aziz is the author of ‘Tales Mini Maryam’ available from the IHRC Bookshop and other platforms. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @KosserAbdulAziz.