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Have a very Muslim Christmas?

Arzu Merali overviews some resources for those of looking for meaning – whether Muslim, Christian or different belief systems – at this time of year, in what is becoming an increasingly secular and materialistic celebration. As the years go by my antipathy to Muslims ‘celebrating’

Opinions carved through experience: words by Houria Bouteldja

Sana Farid interviews Houria Boutledja. Houria Bouteldja is a french Algerian political activist known for her book ‘Whites, Jews and Us’: Towards a politics of Revolutionary love. In her exclusive interview, she has put forward her views on Islamophobia and is critical about LGBT. She

A New Born Baby: Encounters With A Revert

First penned in 2007, edited in 2020, this piece from Kosser Abdul Aziz takes us through some self-reflection about first impressions and good intentions. Before I came face to face with Sarah at work, I was told that she was keeping a low profile because

Poetry Competition for 2021- Deadline extension

Poetry Competition for 2021– Deadline extension Due to the current situation with COVID we are aware that teachers and schools are under a lot of pressure. This may not have given the right opportunity for many to utilise the GMD resources and speak to the

Raising Modest Kids

I dedicate this blog to my daughters.  Unlike me they, at a very young age, had to adorn the hijab and face challenges in their life that I hadn’t faced. And me being their mother expected them to get on with it as part and

Commemorating Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass

This month marks the 82nd anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass. This tragic event marked a turning point towards a more violent and repressive treatment of Jews leading finally to the Holocaust. We think that it is important to reflect on the events that