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Poetry Competition for 2021- Deadline extension

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: 05 April 2021 Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the main prize may be postponed, changed or substituted for one chosen by the organisers. The date for final submissions to the 2021 competition is 5th April 2021. The rules, terms and

Colonial and Decolonial in Venezuela

Watch these short videos from Ramon Grosfoguel discussing the colonial and racist attacks on Venezuela, and the possibilities of decolonial resistance. Is Venezuela Decolonial? On the Attacks on Venezuela: a Decolonial View

Genocide Memorial Day – London, UK

IHRC are pleased to announce its 12th annual Genocide Memorial Day. Watch it on this page or from 1pm GMT on Sunday 17th January 2021. Please share this page. The topic of this year’s event is Starting Genocide: Demonisation. Demonisation forms part of the

More from Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira

If you have been following the Decolonial Dialogues then here are some more resources that you may like. Continuing their discussion on the USA, Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira look at the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. here.   Subscribe to the Decolonial

VIDEO: Why join Genocide Memorial Day this Sunday?

Sunday 17 January 2021 is Genocide Memorial Day. This year, due to Covid-19, the event will be held online. Join us from 1pm GMT for the premiere of this year’s speakers’ presentations on ‘The prelude to Genocide: Demonisation’. Massoud Shadjareh explains the significance of the

Have a very Muslim Christmas?

Arzu Merali overviews some resources for those of looking for meaning – whether Muslim, Christian or different belief systems – at this time of year, in what is becoming an increasingly secular and materialistic celebration. As the years go by my antipathy to Muslims ‘celebrating’

Opinions carved through experience: words by Houria Bouteldja

Sana Farid interviews Houria Boutledja. Houria Bouteldja is a french Algerian political activist known for her book ‘Whites, Jews and Us’: Towards a politics of Revolutionary love. In her exclusive interview, she has put forward her views on Islamophobia and is critical about LGBT. She

A New Born Baby: Encounters With A Revert

First penned in 2007, edited in 2020, this piece from Kosser Abdul Aziz takes us through some self-reflection about first impressions and good intentions. Before I came face to face with Sarah at work, I was told that she was keeping a low profile because