Event Alert – Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict: An evening with...

Watch online on IHRC TV (www.ihrc.tv) and post questions live on Twitter @ihrc

Alert: India – Write to FCO to put pressure on BJP

IHRC calls upon all campaigners inside the UK to write to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, asking them to demand the Indian...

URGENT ALERT:Palestine – Write to Volvo demanding an end in illegal...

Volvo in partnership with Israeli company Merkavim Ltd to design and build armoured bus, the Mars Defender, which transport settlers and IDF soldiers throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Alert: Rohingya – Demand Bangladesh safeguard camps against Covid-19

IHRC are deeply concerned that a potential corona outbreak can cause fatal consequences in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Home to over a million Rohingyan refugees, Cox’s Bazaar is the world’s largest refugee camp and fears are arising that the overcrowding can exacerbate a coronavirus outbreak.

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URGENT ALERT: USA – Demand the release of Marzieh Hashemi...

Take a few minutes to support the Press TV journalist and anchor who is detained without charge in the USA.Background Action...

URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand the release of Zakzaky

Please write to demand his immediate release

Alert: Vacancy – Researcher required for a report on Germany

IHRC is looking to commission a researcher to work on its forthcoming report on Germany, civil society and citizenship.

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