Alert: Egypt – Egyptian citizen tortured to death in public

Eye witnesses reported that the police then took him in a police vehicle only to come back later and dump his dead body.

Nigeria Digest #77

#FreeZakzaky protests in front of US embassy Abuja

Event Alert: UK – A conversation with Achmad Cassiem former Robben...

A collaborative effort with Ahlul Bayt Islamic Mission (AIM).

Update Alert: Palestine – Identities of Turkey’s fallen flotilla activists

List of the massacred activists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Interpal highlights inconsistencies in Lloyds TSB correspondences

Interpal updates supporters and highlights Lloyds TSB's attempt to mislead Interpal supporters through ambiguous language.

Remembering the Nakba

Here are some free online resources to increase your knowledge and help the Palestinian struggle.

Event Alert: Extradition Screening at IHRC 7 July

Event Alert: Extradition Screening film at IHRC

Forwarded Alert: UK – Shut Down Guantánamo! demonstration

LGC monthly "Shut Down Guantánamo!" demonstration.

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