Event Report: Story Telling Session: Malcolm X and the Hajj

A successful storytelling session at the IHRC Bookshop

Event Report: Towards Sacred Activism with Imam Dawud Walid

Abed Choudhury (Head of Legal and Advocacy at IHRC) chaired the author evening with Imam Dawud Walid on Friday, 1 November 2019....

Event Report: Al Quds Day 2017

A report from Al Quds Day on Sunday, 18 June London, UK

Event Report: Children's Rights to Express Solidarity with Palestine

Children have been targeted in schools for expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine.  Several schoolteachers as well as some headteachers have...

Event Report: Protest against G4S complicity in the torture of Palestinian...

A report from the protest on Friday 12 October 2012

Uighurs: Forgotten Muslims of China

The exhibition was aimed at raising public awareness of the racial and religious persecution faced by the Uighur community.  The photographs being exhibited were from Engström’s visit to the troubled region.

Event report: Julie Cupples and Ramón Grosfoguel on their new book

The authors of 'Unsettling Eurocentrism in the Western University' joined Nargess Moballeghi in conversation at the IHRC Bookshop on 11 December 2018.

Event report: #FreeZakzaky demo in Istanbul, Turkey

Demonstrators congregated to demand Nigeria release the Sheikh and his wife. See images and watch the video of the rally.

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