IHRC condemns “Black Pete” celebrations and the rise of Islamophobia in...

The annual Sinterklaas Festival became a testing ground for the status of ethnic minorities and their attempts to influence what it means to be Dutch

Bulgaria: Individual Oral Statement on the plight of the Roma Muslims...

The IHRC highlights  the plight of the Roma Muslims residing in Bulgaria, who have been experiencing some of the worst racism and Islamophobia on record.

IHRC Report on Bangladesh

IHRC report on the implementation of the international covenant on civil and political rights in Bangladesh

Afghanistan: Oral statement on the outcome of Afghanistan under the UPR


Approximately 630 Afghans and other foreign nationals including 9 juveniles are imprisoned without charge by the US government at the Bargram prison which clearly shows that US military airbase in Afghanistan is outside the protection of international human rights law.

Belgium: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review 11th Session May...

Islamic Human rights Commission gives background information about freedom of Religion in Belgium and the Head Scarf.

Individual Oral Statement on Pakistan

We are deeply concerned that in Pakistan women’s health rights appear to be neglected.

USA: List of issues in relation to the fourth periodic report...

IHRC responds to the fourth periodic report of the United States

France: The Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of...

France must recognise its obligations under Article 9 of the ECHR to ensure Muslims are free to observe and practise their religion

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