UN – Oral Statement at Human Rights Council, United Nations Regarding...

IHRC has made an oral intervention at the Human Rights Council UN in Geneva on the extension of pre-trial detention from 28 days to 42 days.

Submission of the Islamic Human Rights Commission to the United Nations...

IHRC presents it concerns on constitutional crisis and the military coup

Oral Statement on Britain

We believe that secure society cannot be built on compromising on due process on human rights and civil rights.

Malaysia: Oral statement on the outcome of Malaysia under the UPR


IHRC strongly recommends  the government of Malaysia to immediately abolish ISA and release all individuals held under ISA.

Spain: Oral Statement on the banning of the use of the...

IHRC is concerned with the conduct of the Spanish government for permitting the banning of the Burka and face veil by its local councils.

ICCPR – Nigeria, 2019

Since at least 2014 the authorities in Nigeria have prosecuted a systematic and violent campaign to suppress the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Report on Anti-Muslim Hatred and Discrimination

Prepared and submitted to the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief on 30 November 2020 by the Islamic Human Rights...

Oral Intervention: Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia , follow-up and implementation of...

The IHRC found the Durban Review Conference dominated by unproductive, often acrimonious, wrangling that too often prevented substantive civil society engagement on issues that included state sponsored racism, occupation, discriminatory practices and their spurious justifications.

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