Decolonial Dialogues 18: The demise of the state of Israel

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel look at the paradigms of decoloniality and how they relate to the long term future of Palestine...

Lailatul Qadr 2021

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17: The paradigm of the Russian revolution

What were the theoretical constructs of the Russian revolutionaries?

Ramadan Recommendations

Prisoner Packs 2021IHRC will be distributing prisoner packs for Ramadan 2021 to young offenders in prison. Each...

Palestinian Medjoul Dates

IHRC have limited boxes of Zaytoun Dates which are selling at a fast rate. These Mejdoul dates are both filling and rich...

16: The Russian revolution part 2

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss further the lessons of the Russian Revolution.

15: The Russian revolution part 1

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss the lessons to be learned from the Russian Revolution.

A Few Days Until Ramadan

Online Book Launch with Imam Dawud WalidJoin us for the online book launch...

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