Venezuela Blog: Ahmed Kaballo reflects on the failed coup

Ahmed Kaballo discusses the failed coup in Venezuela and wider issues surrounding imperialism in the current moment.

7. The Nation State and Multi-Cultural Societies

How do we deal with these new societies that are arising in Western Europe that challenge the ethno- and religio-centric nation state?...

The Unbearable Shianess of Mu’allim Ibraheem El-Zakzaky

Injured and incarcerated without charge for two years, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Mallimah Zeenah are the leaders and heroes we all need, yet few outside Nigeria care, argues Arzu Merali.

Lesson Plan: My Name is not Refugee

For Ages 4 – 7Using the book My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner Download the lesson...

Celebrating Eid and Remembering Palestine in Isolation

As the end of Ramadan approaches, we pray that this month – despite its unique challenges this year – has been full...

Exposing The Persecution of The Uyghur Muslims

Ft Arzu Merali on Islam ChannelKeywords: Uighur, Uyghur, China

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi: Part Eleven

Learn more about the way money should be perceived during Ramadan.

Military intervention in Syria Aug/Sept 2013

Arendt on the Syrian conflict, and action proposed by Western countries.

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