Ways of Seeing and Latter Day Muslim Blindness

On the passing of John Berger

This week the British establishment proved Islamophobia is alive and well

UK police have rejected a proposed definition of Islamophobia, saying it could challenge free speech and undermine counter-terrorism efforts

Schools, Lies and Muslimness

Arzu Merali argues that it is the crises of mainstream education the fuel the desire for Muslim schools

Stupid is as stupid does: media voyeurism of Muslims is not...

Arzu Merali argues that the continued pathologisation of Muslims via 'human interest' news stories, is as damaging as the continued reporting of Daesh and terrorism

Ottomania and the continuing conceits of Empire.

A review of Rageh Omaar's BBC2 series.

Ghosts of the Republic: Turkey in the Post-Ergekenon era

Arzu Merali reflects on 90 years of the Turkish Republic

Ten Days in Tehran – Day 2: Sharon Fruit

Demonisation and the march to war...

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