Decolonial Dialogues 19: A decolonial view of Afghanistan now

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss the fall of Kabul, the expulsion of the US and what may be a 'new' Taliban...

Decolonial Dialogues 18: The demise of the state of Israel

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel look at the paradigms of decoloniality and how they relate to the long term future of Palestine...

17: The paradigm of the Russian revolution

What were the theoretical constructs of the Russian revolutionaries?

16: The Russian revolution part 2

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss further the lessons of the Russian Revolution.

15: The Russian revolution part 1

Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss the lessons to be learned from the Russian Revolution.

14. The Pseudo-Left in Latin America

Ramón Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira look at the contradictions between word, action and affiliation amongst parts of the left in Latin America,...

13. Defund the Pentagon

This week, Sandew Hira launches the idea of 'Defund the Pentagon'. Ramon Grosfoguel discusses the fundamentals of the concept with Hira.

12. An alternative for the Democratic Party

What are the next steps following on from the assault on Capitol Hill and the now clear fractures in US society? ...

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