Black History Month Sale

We have a couple of announcements that we want to share with you.New publication: Blackness and Islam /...

How much further will anti-Muslim policy go in the West?

What do the philosopher Rawls, neoliberalism and anti-Muslim hatred have to do with each other? Why should we care? Is Islamophobia...

Quran Time – Lockdown 3 Blog #4

We are updating our very first lockdown blog from last year Quarantine Quran Time.

Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi – Lockdown3 Blog #3

The world of Islam lost a great figure and scholar, with the passing of Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi on 1stJanuary 2021

Why the USA? – Lockdown3 Blog #2

Some thoughts on the USA and its role in the world. Short and long reads, videos, news clips and audios.

The Lost Joseph by Hafiz – Lockdown3 Blog #1

We are resharing and updating this blog from the first UK lockdown, published on 27 March 2020. We hope it provides some...

Genocide Memorial Day – London, UK

IHRC are pleased to announce its 12th annual Genocide Memorial Day.Watch it on this page or from...

January Updates

We have a few announcements for this month.GMD 2021: Genocide Memorial Day

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