A decolonial analysis of Muslims in America – Review of ‘What’s...

These authors have produced a concise report on the Muslim experience in the USA with many interesting facts and a thorough analysis of how to analyze this experience.

Muharram and Ashura 2019

10th Muharram holds a special place in the heart of all Muslims. Here's a few titles that would make this year's Ashura even more special.

Thinking on the meaning of Muharram – what can we do?

The holy Islamic month of Muharram provides an opportunity for Muslims to reflect on the huge sacrifice made by Husayn ibn Ali in order to maintain the high standards of justice and leadership established for the ummah by his grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Things to do in Isolation #1

We are curating some lists of things to read and watch while in self-isolation.  It’s a mix of free, to buy, @ihrc...

Things to learn about Systemic Racism in the USA #1

As the world protests the death of George Floyd and the wider issues of systemic racism in the USA, we are sharing...

A Fly Girl’s Guide to University

The blog is back, and what a way to start.Dear Friends,

Things to do in Isolation #10 – Remember Palestine

Today is #AlNakbaDay.  It’s 72 years since the Catastrophe that saw the beginning of this phase of the ongoing...

Bibliographical Discourse Analysis – with Professor Saied R. Ameli

Professor Ameli gave us his time to explain more about this groundbreaking work, published by IHRC.

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