Surah Yusuf, continued (part 2)

Imam al-Asi concludes his introduction to Surah Yusuf and begins discussion of the conversation of Prophet Yusuf with his father.

Deep thoughts about Surat Yusuf

Imam al-Asi continues his discussion on racism and other forms of asabiyyah by looking in detail at Surat Yusuf.

On Racism

Salam... This is the first presentation. It attempts to get at the root cause of today's preponderant socio-economic morass that the world...

Imam Mohammad 'Asi: Introductory Video, new livestream sessions

This is my first video. I'm seeking your input: ideas and questions. Please, share them bellow in the comments. Look for my...

Sunnis and Shiahs – Not Who They Think They Are

Imam al-Asi discusses the source of sectarian narratives and the wide ranging implications this creates for today.

Audio: Shaikh Zakzaky – Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex

Imam Muhammad al-Asi's Friday Khutbah overviews the sectarian position around Sheikh Zakzaky from Shi'is and Sunnis.

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi (2012): Part Two

Learn more about the health benefits of Ramadan

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi (2013): Part One

Explore this special month by watching a video

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