This page provides links to videos and reports from Genocide Memorial Day events over the years - the numerous videos cover many nations, topics...

Visages de l’islamophobie – Ramón Grosfoguel.

Première partie.  ‘Tout débat sur l’islamophobie contemporaine doit partir d’une réflexion sur la cartographie du pouvoir global tel qu’elle existe depuis 522...


A list featuring suggested books for use primarily in English Language and Literature classes as well as citizenship and religious studies

Poetry Competition

The deadline for submissions for the GMD Poetry Competition is 1st December 2019.  The rules, terms and conditions and further details are posted below.The...


A selection of recommended films as a resource for discussions around genocide and genocidal acts


A selection of IHRC-produced and external documentaries on the subject of genocide

Supporting organisations

SUPPORTING ORGANISATIONS: Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) Decolonial International Network INMINDS Neturei Karta UK Universal Justice Network 

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that are relevant to the subject of genocide and related topics

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