Florida: Police forcibly remove Muslim girl’s hijab

Guests include Saeed A. Khan, co-author with Saied R. Ameli of 'What's Going on Here? Muslim Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump' and Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria author of 'Political Islamophobia at US Think Tanks: Battling the Power of Islamic Resistance' both published by IHRC

Muslim history in the USA and the current uprisings

Listen to Saeed A. Khan discuss the new IHRC publication from him and Saied R. Ameli, What's Going on Here? Muslim experiences...

Al-Quds Day 2020 – Full Video

Watch the entire online event here.https://youtu.be/ZEjImLBlYkc

On Systemic Racism in the USA

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh discusses the recent protests in the USA and around the world and sets the context. This is...

EID MUBARAK from IHRC – A Message from the Chair

IHRC wishes everyone a blessed Eid. In his message for Eid ul Fitr this year, Massoud Shadjareh reflects on the unique...

Whoever you are – Fly the Flag of Palestine

Whatever your faith, wherever you are #FlyTheFlag for Palestine #AlQudsDay2020https://youtu.be/VHlRduL-luY

Flying the Flag of Palestine – video wall

Watch and share the messages from around the world on why you should #FlyTheFlag of Palestine this #AlQudsDay2020.Find...

Palestine ruling a win for company accountability

"It means that pension fund contributors can be accountable for how the funds are invested." Dr Les Levidow explains how the UK...

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