Footage of attack on Ashura procession in Kaduna

Nigerian Police appear to be firing on Ashura procession.For latest campaign action to stop the violence visit: NIGERIA:...

Nigeria forces kill 3 mourners on Ashura

IHRC's Arzu Merali joins Press TV to give an update on the situation of the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Zakzaky.

NIGERIA: Activist Ayesha Yusefu – a background to the current social...

Watch Ayesha Yusefu discuss the deeply embedded injustices of the Buhari administration and the issues facing Nigerian society.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif makes surprise appearance at G7 summit

French President Emmanuel Macron pulled something of an end run around Donald Trump over the weekend when he invited Iranian Foreign Minister...

Sunnis and Shiahs – Not Who They Think They Are

Imam al-Asi discusses the source of sectarian narratives and the wide ranging implications this creates for today.

Ramon Grosfoguel: On sectarianism, intra-faith dialogue and political alliances

Professor Grosfoguel in this short snippet from one of his presentations at Genocide Memorial Day (2017) discusses the rise of sectarianism in the ummah and the need to urgently tackle it.

Thousands of Myanmar refugees rally in Bangladesh

IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh discusses the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya on Press TV.Keywords:...

Video and Audio Resources on Kashmir

Find background and current videos and audios on Kashmir here. This page is under construction.

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