The health situation of Sheikh Zakzaky

A Report on the health situation of Sheikh Zakzaky from the doctors who visited him in April 2019. In Hindi.

Protesters killed in Egypt demonstrations

IHRC Arzu Merali interviews Egyptian activist Sara Omer on the killing of women protestors in Egypt demonstrations.

Poems from Guantanamo – Guantanamo Remembered: 10 Years event

Poems from Guantanamo read by Avaes Mohammad.

IHRC calls on Nigeria to allow detained Zakzaky to receive medical...

IHRC is calling on Nigerian authorities to allow the detained leader of the country's Islamic Movement to receive medical attention.

IHRC artist Romina Khanom

Exhibition trailer for 'Layers of Paradise' featuring artist Romina Khanom

IHRC Weekly: Guidance for Al-Quds Day

Al Quds is just 10 days away. Zionist and Far-right agitators may try and disrupt this peaceful protest. Here's what to do if they try and all your other tips for Al Quds Day 2018.

Siddiqa Juma Exhibition at IHRC

Rev Steven Sizer interviews artist Siddiqa Juma at her recent exhibition at the IHRC Gallery & Bookshop in London, UK.

Analysis: Bosnia holds its first post-war Census

Massoud Shadjareh, Mustafa Ceric and others join John Rees on Islam Channel to discuss the implications of and controversies around the census.

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