Questions & Answers – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Panellists take questions from the audience.

Western media bias and Gaza

Massoud Shadjareh features in this discussion on the unfair media coverage of Gaza

Human Rights Violations in Kashmir (Raw footage2)

A cycle of violence has erupted again in India's troubled Kashmir valley since 11th June 2010 with the shooting to death of a schoolboy by Indian troops.

Individual Oral Statement on France

Oral Statement on France

Siddiqa Juma Exhibition at IHRC

Rev Steven Sizer interviews artist Siddiqa Juma at her recent exhibition at the IHRC Gallery & Bookshop in London, UK.

Imam Mohammad Al-Asi – Universal Justice Network Conference 2011

An interview with Imam Mohammad Al-Asi.

UK to stop UK militants returning

Al Etejah TV interviews Massoud Shadjareh

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