Denmark: Individual Oral Statement regarding the discrimination towards the Muslim citizens...

IHRC highlights the discrimination towards the Muslim citizens of Denmark.

Zone of Non-Being: Guantanmo

IHRC's evocative film looks at the so-called war on terror through the lens of colonial history.

Reflections on Our Future

As another Islamic Year starts, Massoud reflects on our future, and the importance of unity to face our challenges.

Gaza Demonstration outside Israeli embassy

IHRCTV at a Gaza demo on 15 November 2012

Michael Ratner – Guantanamo Remembered: 10 Years event

Michael Ratner speaking at the event marking the tenth anniversary of Guantanamo Bay’s opening.

IHRC artist Romina Khanom

Exhibition trailer for 'Layers of Paradise' featuring artist Romina Khanom

Reflecting on IHRC’s beginnings in Cambridge

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the beginning of IHRC and its roots in Cambridge, UK.

Q&A with Sukant Chandan: Insight to Riot

Director Sukant Chandan joined IHRC on the 25th August 2016 to discuss his newest documentary 'Insight to riot'.

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