Trump, Suu Kyi Win Big at Islamophobia Awards

Press TV reports from the 2017 Islamophobia Awards.

IHRC Weekly Message: A Guide To Boycotting Israeli Dates This Ramadan

In this week's video, IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh, answers more of your questions about how to boycott Israeli Dates this Ramadan. From companies growing on...

IHRC Weekly, 8 March 2019

Abed Choudhury gives a brief overview of IHRC's latest research into this issue.

Al Quds Day Demonstration UK: 21st August

This year’s annual Al Quds Day Demonstration UK to be held on Sunday 21 August  2011.

Islamophobia Awards 2015

Look back at the Islamophobia Awards 2015

Muslims Face Discrimination at European Airports

Muslims Face Discrimination at European Airports

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif makes surprise appearance at G7 summit

French President Emmanuel Macron pulled something of an end run around Donald Trump over the weekend when he invited Iranian Foreign Minister...

Rohingya Detained While Fleeing Myanmar

Arzu Merali discusses the latest atrocities.

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