Israel’s Accession Compromises the OECD’s Principles

Kara speaks of the narrative of the  Israeli  accession to the OECD and Turkey’s unsupported opposition to  this membership.

Education: the new battleground for Muslim assimilation

The heavy crackdown against Muslim schools reveals much more about the government's strategy for assimilating Britain's Muslims than any genuine fears about radicalisation or extremism, believes Faisal Bodi.

Thinking on the meaning of Muharram – what can we do?

The holy Islamic month of Muharram provides an opportunity for Muslims to reflect on the huge sacrifice made by Husayn ibn Ali in order to maintain the high standards of justice and leadership established for the ummah by his grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Open letter to WSJ for endorsing murder of Iranian scientist

S. Mohamed Idris reflects on the rhetoric of war

Anti-American Protests: Cutting Through Media Propaganda

A comment piece by Deepa Kumar on the racist and Islamophobic film "Innocence of Muslims"


'Shehid or martyr means a witness, or, in a figurative sense, someone who dies for his or her faith' - a comment piece from Bosnian academic Rusmir Mahmutćehajić

When Murder Becomes the Norm

It was only yesterday that BBC did an investigative report highlighting how Britain and its allies gave safe passage to 250 hard-core ISIS fighters

Bahrain: British arms used to crush peaceful demonstrators

Regime’s sadistic torturer allowed to attend Olympics

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