Lynne’s Message for November

I have fears for Tom Turkey, this year.

Europe Repeats Itself! – The Gangrene of Colonial Racism

A statement from Decoloniality Europe on colonial racism and its chauvinistic nationalism. With a link to the full-length version

Open letter to the Muslim community in the UK

The rise of the organization calling itself the Islamic State poses another huge challenge to the global Muslim ummah

Stand Up To Racism

Lee Jasper on Trevor Phillips' recent documentary - 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True'

Challenging the Zionist False Narrative

To those acquainted with pro-Israel activism, efforts to shield and promote the Zionist state abroad are part and parcel of their suppression of Palestinian rights

Marine A deserves life, not clemency

Shows of sympathy for a British Marine who murdered an Afghan insurgent highlight the savage nature of the War on Terror as well as a morally dangerous jingoism, according to Faisal Bodi

Democracy as Domination: Myanmar, Muslims and the Push for Ethnic Hegemony

Arzu Merali looks at implications of the current crisis.

Syria and the Line Between Imperialism and Humanitarianism

Anyone who followed Twitter during last week’s BBC Question Time would have seen a barrage of criticism four letter insults towards one of the panelists after a question to the panel on Syria.

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