Arab Uprisings and Palestine in the Lebanese and Syrian Imaginings

A detailed analysis of Arab uprisings in the Middle East by Samah Idriss.

Questioning the Syrian “Casualty List”

Sharmine Narwani critically assesses conflicting assessments of the death toll and the implications for the understanding of events in Syria.

Nightmares – How Gaza offends us all

Jennifer Loewenstein brilliantly illustrates the horrors of living under fire and portrays the Palestinians of Gaza as a people abandoned by the world to the murderous Israeli occupation, but whose will to resist strengthens with each atrocity committed against them.

Conference will dissect Britain’s pernicious PREVENT programme

Since its inception Prevent has expanded from being an intrusive surveillance programme into an invasive social engineering exercise

Religious tolerance a passing phenomenon

Bilal Cleland discusses the Ottoman roots of European tolerance.

British Values and the British Muslims

A statement from AbdoolKarim Vakil of King’s College London on British values and Muslims

Extradition a Year on: The Hypocrisy that doesn’t end

Faisal Bodi looks at the latest development a year after Talha Ahsan and others were sent to the US

Anti-Shia sectarianism on hajj is a worrying trend

Nazim Ali says anti-Shia sectarianism is a growing and worrying trend during the hajj pilgrimage.

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