Boston Bombing, Islamophobia and Sudden Ignorance Syndrome

Hatem Bazian looks at the Anti-Muslim discourse post- Boston

A marriage of convenience

Faisal Bodi explains how a shared interest in promoting Islamophobia is nourishing an unlikely alliance between Zionist Jews and the extreme far right.

Norway’s Tragedy Illustrates Europe’s Political Paradox

Dr. Abdul Wahid reflects on how one man has committed mass murder, but exposed a host of contradictions for an entire continent.

End of the Egyptian Revolution

Last week the ousted president of Egypt. Mohammed Morsi appeared before a military court in his first public appearance since being removed from power last July. 

Groundless anti-terror laws must go

Anti-terror powers are about protecting UK foreign policy from dissent, rather than protecting the ­public from violence

Bahrain: Alkhalifa humiliated into unconditional submission to Iran

One of most outrageous and humiliating initiatives by the Alkhalifa ruling clan is its decision to unilaterally send its ambassador to Tehran.

Arab Uprisings and Palestine in the Lebanese and Syrian Imaginings

A detailed analysis of Arab uprisings in the Middle East by Samah Idriss.

The departure of a great fighter: Mirsad Mahmutcehajic

A nation is indebted to his heroism

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