Norway’s Tragedy Illustrates Europe’s Political Paradox

Dr. Abdul Wahid reflects on how one man has committed mass murder, but exposed a host of contradictions for an entire continent.

Democracy as Domination: Myanmar, Muslims and the Push for Ethnic Hegemony

Arzu Merali looks at implications of the current crisis.

Lurking danger: Palestinian refugees in Syria

“The flames are quickly approaching Yarmouk (as) someone is trying to drag the Palestinians into the fire.”

We, too, have the right to freedom of expression

Sandew Hira on the Paris attacks and why, just like in football, you don't win the game by only being defensive

Joint Statement on Syria by Islamic Human Rights Commission and Citizens...

IHRC concerned about the on going violence in Syria and when justice will be restored

Kerbala in Gaza

A poem on the situation in Gaza by Masuma Rahim

The souls of Muslim folk

The author uses double consciousness theory in an attempt to understand problems in the contemporary Muslim world.

Reflections on US Crimes in Hiroshima

Some thoughts on the anniversary of this heinous act.

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