Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War

Tom Burghardt analyses US manoeuverings over Iran

Muslims must resist calls to expand ‘Prevent’ programme

The government's Prevent programme is a byword for institutional discrimination against Muslims and part of a cynical social engineering exercise, argues the Islamic Human Rights Commission's Faisal Bodi

Anti-Shia sectarianism on hajj is a worrying trend

Nazim Ali says anti-Shia sectarianism is a growing and worrying trend during the hajj pilgrimage.

Reflections on Norway’s Terror Attacks

Iffit Qureshi on the terror attacks in Norway.

Riyadh’s Yemen adventure exposes wider neo-colonial agenda

Saudi motives for the military campaign against Yemen have little to do with restoring the 'legitimate government' and everything to do with defeating the desire for reform and self-determination, argues Faisal Bodi.

Extradition and Its Discontents: Why Muslims have gotten the Message

Arzu Merali on the injustices of Extradition

Lurking danger: Palestinian refugees in Syria

“The flames are quickly approaching Yarmouk (as) someone is trying to drag the Palestinians into the fire.”

Schools, Lies and Muslimness

Arzu Merali argues that it is the crises of mainstream education the fuel the desire for Muslim schools

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