Archbishop’s views on Muslims and multiculturalism are a throwback to colonialism

In his new book, Reimagining Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury has questioned the compatibility of Islamic values with the Christian basis of life in Britain. Comment piece from Faisal Bodi

Conference will dissect Britain’s pernicious PREVENT programme

Since its inception Prevent has expanded from being an intrusive surveillance programme into an invasive social engineering exercise

Stupid is as stupid does: media voyeurism of Muslims is not...

Arzu Merali argues that the continued pathologisation of Muslims via 'human interest' news stories, is as damaging as the continued reporting of Daesh and terrorism

Women’s liberation and the French burkini ban

The undressing of Muslim women by French authorities has a long colonial history

Bahrain: British arms used to crush peaceful demonstrators

Regime’s sadistic torturer allowed to attend Olympics

Bahrain: Alkhalifa humiliated into unconditional submission to Iran

One of most outrageous and humiliating initiatives by the Alkhalifa ruling clan is its decision to unilaterally send its ambassador to Tehran.


'Shehid or martyr means a witness, or, in a figurative sense, someone who dies for his or her faith' - a comment piece from Bosnian academic Rusmir Mahmutćehajić

The Egyptian barriers of silence have been broken and the sun...

Veteran Egyptian activist, D. Ashraf Abdelghaffar commends the Egyptian people's revolt againt Hosny Mubarak's corrupt regime.

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