Assassination of my father is almost done

Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky outlines his fears.“…. an assassination in progress and it is almost done....

The Right-Wing Extremist Behind Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Riots

Max Blumenthal writes a comment piece investigating the man backing the elusive "Sam Bacile"

Netanyahu: Does Palestine have the right to exist?

Robert Saleem Holbrook explores the palestinian’s right to exist.

Stand Up To Racism

Lee Jasper on Trevor Phillips' recent documentary - 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True'

IHRC condemns attempts by Zionist groups to smear Al Quds Day

Their aim is to brush under the carpet Israel's ongoing atrocities, demonising those who stand for Palestine using cheap smear tactics

Europe Repeats Itself! – The Gangrene of Colonial Racism

A statement from Decoloniality Europe on colonial racism and its chauvinistic nationalism. With a link to the full-length version

The UK Anti-Terrorism Laws: Why Do We Oppose Them?

A letter to IHRC supporters regarding the Counter Terrorism Bill

It’s still racism: Letters to some leaders post-GE15

In the wake of the shock Tory victory in the UK elections, Arzu Merali reflects on the problems of 'British' political culture in her letters to some of the winners and losers

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