Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Racism as Art and Documentary: Notes on...

The Multi-Award winning documentary of 1999 comes under scrutiny for its portrayal of Uighur Muslims in China.

Bannings and Deportations in the Pacific: racial and religious profiling in...

August 2002 witnessed the US territory of American Samoa, a Pacific island, issue a widespread ban on Muslim visitors from over 23 countries.

Human Rights Abuses in Nigeria: September 1996 – October 1997, Addendum

In addition to the abuses outlined in our previous report, there are now confirmed the following atrocities committed by the Nigerian police force and authorities in the period September 1996 - March 1997

A Response to the report by AWAAZ South Asia Watch, June...

IHRC's concern over the inacuracies in the report and perpetuation of stereotypes. 

Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide

A comprehensive report detailing the atrocities committed against the Muslim population of Gujarat.

IHRC Newsletter 2012 – Out Now

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Human Rights Violations in Nigeria: April 1997 – September 1998 (Addendum)

IHRC continues to call for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners in Nigeria, regardless of their ethnic, political or confessional background.

IHRC Newsletter 2016

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