Globalisations, Ideological Democracy and Islamophobia

The zipped powerpoint presentation used at this event by Dr. Saied Reza Ameli.

Palestine Briefing for MPs, Part 1

The current crisis in Palestine has often been characterised as one of parity between parties. The impression has been given that the violence "between Palestinians and Israelis” has been mutual. However, independent international observers h

The Killing in Kashmir and the Terrorism Act 2000

A suicide bomber carried out a car bomb attack on Christmas Day in Srinagar in Indian-occupied Kashmir, killing 10 people including six Indian soldiers and three Kashmiri students. According to the BBC (28 December), the suicide bomber is rumoured to have

Darfur: The Origins & Diagnosis of the Crisis

What is happening in Darfur? A look at the origins of the current conflict.

Equal in the Eyes of the Law: Police Brutality and...

IHRC observer, Osama Daneshyar visits Mauritius on a fact-finding mission as to the state of human rights in the justice system. He reports...

Turkey’s Failure to Implement its Responsibilities Towards Headscarved Women

In its latest report the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) examines the plight of Turkish women due to the ongoing headscarf ban, with reference to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide

A comprehensive report detailing the atrocities committed against the Muslim population of Gujarat.

Hinduvata Bans Freedom of Religion in India

The Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat succeeded in passing anti-conversion laws. These laws intend to prevent Dalits, 'untouchables' or low-caste Hindus, converting to non-Hindu faiths...

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