Review of Minority Conditions in China

Extensive background information on the persecution of religious and other minorities in China.

Islamophobia and the European Convention on Human Rights

A look at the problematique of ECHR from a Muslim perspective.

IHRC Newsletter 2011

Download the latest annual IHRC newsletter 2011.

Islamophobia and Gender Discrimination: The Case of the Media

Two South African journalists moot the problems of Islamophobic stereotyping for Muslim women, and suggest ways forward.

Spain: Islamophobia on the Rise

Muslims in Spain are witnessing a growing trend of Islamophobia in the country. As the hostility and restrictions against expressions of Islamic symbols and practises grows in Spanish society so does the alienation of  Muslims in Spain. In this briefing, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) aims to highlight some of the many issues of religious discrimination being faced by Muslims in Spain in order to create public awareness about the human rights abuses they face.

British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern Day Witch-hunt (Revised July 2006)

A must read for all those concerned with the British government's war on terror and its implications for its Muslim community.

Internment, Military Tribunals and Persecution in the West

Sultana Tafadar outlines the implications for civil and political rights of new anti-terrorist legislation and measures in the UK and USA.

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