GMD Memorial Essay, March 2010: Congo by Fahad Ansari

Fahad Ansari on the history of colonisation in the Congo.

Lynne Stewart: Yet another victim of the draconian American legal code

Sana Mushtaq looks at this alarming case.

The Hollowing of Human Rights in the Post 9/11 World

Narjis Khan reflect on the United Nations’ response to international ‘terrorism’ following 9/11. Download the PDF here

GERMANY, MUSLIMS, CIVIL SOCIETY AND CITIZENSHIP: Expectations and experiences of Muslim...

An IHRC research report by Margit Liebhart.  In 2007 – 08, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) undertook a survey of Muslim civil society organizations in Germany.

Über-Citizens: Briefing on the Recent Naturalisation Tests in Germany

A critical overview of recent developments in immigration rules in Germany.

Saudi Arabia’s Political Prisoners: Towards a Third Decade of Silence

IHRC’s latest briefing deals with the little known plight of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

Hindsight in 2020: US think tanks and the deterioration of Muslim...

The promise represented by the emergence of Muslim civil society activism in late 1980’s Britain has failed to translate into effective political...

Post-Saddam Iraq – The Pentagon’s Far-Right Poised to Take Over and...

Updated version of briefing issued on 4th April 2003.

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