Muslim Experiences of Hatred and Discrimination in Germany

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Context is key: Impropriety but not anti-Semitism

Summary of General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Fitness to Practise Committee’s (FtPC) determination against registrant Nazim Hussain Ali, 26 October – 5 November...

New Citizens for Old: How Islamophobia makes Contemporary Germany

As narratives of belonging get narrower and narrower, Arzu Merali argues that Germany provides both worrying precedents as well as ways to...

Shia Islam, the social winner of the latest Karabakh war

When the conflict over the contested region of Ngorno-Karabakh erupted again after almost thirty years, people around the world, including Muslims, often...

The intimacies of surveillance

The internalisation of governmental narratives about oneself, especially as an individual or a group, is a common and arguably essential by-product of...

Extirpating the Deep Roots of Racism in the US

With the much celebrated election of Joe Biden, and his much vaunted reversals of Trump policies in the first few days of...

Timeline of Nazim Ali case

Timeline of Nazim Ali case:18 June 2017 - al-Quds day – Nazim Ali leads the chants.

Blackness and Islam

Algorithm* is delighted to announce the forthcoming book by Imam Dawud Walid, 'Blackness in Islam' due for publication on 1st February 2021.

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